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Lobster Menu

Lobster Risotto

Bits of lobster meat in dreamy creamy arborio rice topped with Parmesan cheese.


Lobster Chowder

Lobster sauteed with white wine, carrots, potato & broccoli in a creamy chowder.


Lobster & Mussels Bouillabaisse

A combination of mussels & lobster simmered in a bouillabaisse served with rice & garlic bread.


Grilled Garlic Lemon Lobster

7 oz lobster tail marinated in a lemon garlic sauce served with gratin potatoes.


Lobster & Orange Salad

Segments of orange, cherry tomatoes, red onions & lettuce tossed in an orange vinaigrette & topped with grilled lobster.


Trader Jack's Lobster & Salmon

Creamy lobster chunks set on a grilled salmon fillet served with rice & vegetables.


Surf & Turf

6oz Ribeye fillet grilled & topped with lobster meat & served with mashed potatoes & vegetables.